Buxworth Cricket Club was formed in about 1848. Buxworth was originally called “Bugsworth” but a desire for something more genteel induced a change of name in the 1930s. Similarly, the name of the ground was changed from Barren Clough to Western Lane.

The Licencee of the Navigation Inn, situated in the village, formerly held the right to rent the ground to the cricket club, the brewery then took over the rental rights and in the mid seventies, the cricket club purchased the land from the brewery. The now modernised Navigation Inn remains the Club’s H.Q. and meeting place.

Buxworth joined the old two division High Peak League in 1922 and played in the second division.  The High Peak second division championship was won in 1949 & 1950. There followed an application to join the first division, which raised the question of automatic promotion and relegation. It ultimately led to eleven first division clubs resigning and forming the Derbyshire & Cheshire Cricket League. Buxworth were not invited to join them so continued to play in the High Peak League.

After the breakaway, Buxworth won the High Peak League four times and the Hewitt Cup once. They were very consistent and finished in the top three for several years in succession. In this period, Buxworth were the only Derbyshire club in the 22 strong High Peak League.

In 1974 the Derbyshire & Cheshire League elected to expand to fourteen clubs, Buxworth applied and were successful, along with Woodley. At the start of the 1996 season a new pavilion was built, thanks to grants from The Foundation for Sport & Arts, the newly formed National Lottery, together with a generous donation from our late President, Mr. R.J. Blackwell and fund raising within the club. The Treasurer at the time, Mr. Mel Hill, was responsible for the lion’s share of the work which went into bringing it about.

Thje name “Hill” is synonymous with Buxworth.  At one time in the 50s, no less than eight Hills turned out for the 1st team, of these Bernard & Alan went on to better themselves. Bernard playing in the Staffs League and Alan (Bud) playing for Derbyshire for over fourteen seasons and scoring over 13,000 first class runs.

Buxworth have had many devoted workers over the years, none more so than Cyril Hesp, who was Mr. Buxworth, Mr. John Hall who was Chairman of both the Derbyshire & Cheshire League and Buxworth C.C.  Both sadly passed away in 1982 & 1987 respectively. How proud these two people would have been of the club and its new pavilion.

At the present time, we field Under 11s, 13s, 15s & 17s, along with “2nd Eleven and 1st Eleven cricket teams.